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  • June 18, 2024

Youth Department

Welcome to BJC Youth!

BJC Youth is a fast-growing community of children and teenagers. We pride ourselves on our diversity, inclusivity, and friendliness.

BJC Youth offers many opportunities for the youth to develop a social network through Shul. We aim to create a positive environment with many growth opportunities. It’s special to see how much our Youth love coming to Shul! The many resources invested in the Youth, help ensure the future is strong. 

The Boca Jewish Center values it’s Youth Department so much and understands how critical it is to engage and inspire the youth of the community, that we have a full time Youth Director on Staff. Rabbi Binny Fogelgarn lives and breathes Youth! He is passionate about building the most comprehensive and sustainable Youth Community, that caters for each child’s interests and needs.

The Boca Jewish Center recently opened it’s new Youth headquarters! This beautiful 5700 square foot facility hosts a plethora of programs and activities. We have a jam-packed youth calendar catering to all ages. Through our busy Shabbos and weekday schedules, BJC Youth also offers many opportunities for young leaders to step up and develop their leadership skills.

Below is a quick outline of some of BJC Youth’s current programming.

Weekly events: Each Shabbos the Shul is bustling with children from many different schools and backgrounds. Depending on the week, there are five to seven different Shabbos groups run by our fun and dedicated team of counselors.

Weekday after school clubs include: art clubs, karate clubs, kidokinetics sport for little ones, girls dance workshop and performance, boys rikud simchah dance, talent workshops, Kolainu boys choir, Torah classes, guest speakers, Bar Mitzvah lessons, Bas Mitzvah Project, Dor L’Dor family learning program, volunteering opportunities etc

Annual Events include; Welcome back Labor Day BBQ, Tishrei programming, Sukkos Holiday Program Chanukah carnival and scavenger hunt, Kolainu concert, Purim party, Pesach on Ice, Lag Ba’omer bonfire,  Shavuos youth learning, musical havdallah, Summer learning program.


The Youth at BJC are super friendly. Many of them moved to Boca recently, yet they have aready developed a true sense of belonging to the Shul. We are so lucky to have such an amazing, engaged and growing youth community. We would love to see you get involved!

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